February 26, 2003

Busy busy day at work. This is the first I've sat down...and I'm at home. Well I guess I sat down to drive my car home. My daughter is having a birthday today. God how the years fly by. Seems like months ago (instead of 14 years) that I was dancing the night away with hubby...and went into labor 3 weeks early. Not only that...I was out of town and there was no way I could make it back to my normal physician. My sister in law was an OB nurse and must have had a premonition because she had already asked one of her favorites Dr's to take call "for me" just in case. I was flabbergasted when she told me that. Of course my husband and I were young (sort of) and never even dreamed I would go into labor early...why...my Dr had never even checked me yet. As a matter of fact the last time I had a check up the Doc said..."This might be a breech baby"...and even though I was a nurse...it didn�t scare me. I knew she would turn before she made her entrance into the world. Katie did turn around but it was still a difficult birth, forceps were used and she had a head like a cone for a while. The nurses present told me later that they had never heard anyone say "Holy moly" and "Geeze Louise" when forceps were inserted before. Anyway...time passes. Katie's head is not a cone anymore. She is at that wonderful teen aged years when I am both totally stupid and weird or...she likes me - just not in public. She is a wonderful kid though, and I am proud of her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE...I LOVE YOU! xoxox

February 24, 2003

Snow again and I'm glad. I hate that in-between time of winter to spring. There is always too much brown and gray and ugliness. At least that will be covered up for a bit. The robins are back in droves and are chirping away about their misery. I love when they puff up their feathers and look about twice their normal size. My bird feeders have been full of cardinals, downy woodpeckers and a variety of finches...plus "my" squirrel family. One year we had a squirrel that would take a cracker with peanut butter from our hands. He got to be quite a "pet". I'm going out for wood and start a big blaze in the stove and enjoy myself. I've got the day off! I may even take off the lid to the trashcan and go out for a spin on the biggest hill I can find!

February 19, 2003

Why do dogs fart so much? Maybe it's just MY dog that farts so much...gross. He is just sitting there looking stupid and stinking up the whole room. Why he had to do this when I was just sitting down to blog it...I don't know. Maybe it is a punishment because I haven't taken for a walk yet...or maybe...I better go check the trash.

February 17, 2003

Some days make your teeth ache

Like a cold surprise it creeps in

Much like placing a silvery icicle to your tongue

And finding your lips suddenly sealed to the tip

When all is said and done

It takes a piece of you with it

Sometimes that cold can

Puts its feet up and sink in to stay

Moves in

Sends out roots

Invades your sinus passages and

Causes your brain to convulse

Some days are just bone aching, toe curling frigid

So intense that it

Slows the beating heart to an

Intermittent crawl

Some days are like that

February 15, 2003

Well, I just took a Fiskers scissors and cut my hair with it. It may even have been a dull fiskers. I was just sick and tired off the mop that sat on top of my head. I wonder how many people out there do that? I've been known to trim my bangs with a fingernail clippers...( it was an emergency...a volleyball tournament and my bangs were falling into my eyes...) I really hacked off my hair tonight though. UGH. I may need to go to a hairdresser at some point and get it fixed. Why...I blame it all on CNN, PMS and red red wine! I am thinking of doing my own liposuction soon. I have been in on those operations before when I was a student nurse and...WOW...have you ever plucked a chicken? Well the fat looks ljust ike yellow steaming piles of chicken fat as it is sucked up into the tubing...it actually steams as it hits the suction canister. UGH....mine would probably start a fire and I'd be the first one responsible for...say..burning down the fat sucking clinic that I'd used. I wonder if you could make a reasonably good candle from thigh fat? I mean, you know, whale blubber and all...useful for so many wonderful things...hmmmmm....must do research and get back with the answers. I mean there may be a lucrative side business in candles, "oil" lamps, and say...lotion. GROSS. Anyway...I must go now and cultivate some candles on my thighs...goodnight!

February 12, 2003

Okay...I watched a bit of an interview on TV between a supposed "important" and "smart" man and ...I can't remember who the hell else. The question was something like Should Americans be stocking up on plastic sheeting and duct tape and that sort of thing? to prepare for the terrorist shit hitting the fan thing that could be coming at any time. I will be damned if that man didn't almost crap his pants thinking to himself Hurry up and finish this interview already I've got to get back to my bomb shelter filled with boiled water, variety of canned goods, bleach, zip locked baggies full of matches, candles and rolls upon rolls of gleaming duct tape while saying very confidently something like - Yes, it would be prudent for every American to have some of these very important survival things just in case. He also advised that gas masks and a pressurized air suit would be the best items to obtain but they are very difficult to maintain. !!! He also stated that each of his daughters received their own portable radio and extra batteries for Christmas...just in case... WTF??? Who allowed this nimrod on the tube! Come on now...do we really think plastic and duct tape and hell, even a gas mask or a pressurized suit are going to save us if our time has come? I absolutely RESENT how the media is trying to bolster our shitty economy by becoming a type of terrorists themselves! Using impending war talk and encouraging Americans to protect themselves from biochemical or dirty bomb fallout or any number of terrorist threats by running out and buying up various common household goods to save the lives of their family! Boo to CNN for airing this crap!

February 09, 2003

Snow...pure white beautiful snow. Snow all night and until noon. the kind of soft snowfall that tempts you to poke out your tongue and dance a bit under the street light at night. I woke up around 6 a.m. to the kind of silence that is as deafening as a scream. We live along a busy highway (for a rural area it's busy) and heard...no cars...nothing. I took a deep breath and peeped out the bedroom window blinds. Snow was falling straight down in big flakes and piling up on the tree branches like fluffy white coconut frosting. Heaven. I felt like a kid who was hoping for a snow day. Just to see the ugly brown ratty dead grass and tree branches covered was a wonderful thing to me. My heart lifted a bit (and it needed to be lifted too) and I felt good. When I woke back up at 8 a.m. it was still snowing! Even getting the kids around to Sunday school and church seemed to be less of a struggle. The snow was melting underneath the first soft layer and packed easily under the shoe. I could think of only one thing. Snow Fort!! After the days basketball games...we could build a snow fort and get frosty cold, come in and warm up by the woodstove, then have a warm supper of grilled cheese and soup all the while chatting cheerfully about how much fun we'd had that day and what fun things the new week would bring and...Good grief...I just realised that I'd become delusional...I was thinking our life was like a Campbell Soup commercial. GRIN and most days...it's..ummm...close (?)...but still...it was a good day...the girls won their game, my son was better from a week long illness and we did at least have time to start on the fort...and...our supper was warm and the gas heater was just as fine and toasty as a crackling hard wood fire (almost)

February 05, 2003

I read something so extremely disturbing to me last night that I can't let it go...or maybe it was early this am. I'm scrambled cuz I've had sick kiddo...anyway. I read about a young boy, I think 17 years old, who was a member of a sucide "support" group, and was on the phone or internet chat with a member as he took a huge lethal overdose. The "support" person just talked with him and "supported" hime as he took bottle after bottle of medication and washed it all down with antifreeze...I am only hoping this really isn't a true article. Can You believe this!! Are there really people out there who would belong to a suicide "support" group. I mean I'm all for support goups that help people recover or deal with their problems...but...to stay online, or on the phone, while a person tells you..."I've taken the whole bottle of _____now I'm washing it down with antifreeze...I'm now taking the whole bottle of _____ and now I'm tying a plastic bag around my head...see ya" and just...not doing anything?!!! What the hell kind of freak can live with themself after being a part of that kind of "support?" OMG I am SO very unnerved by this whole article....I can't get it out of my mind...

February 02, 2003

Too much wine...especially Pinot Noire...UGH...don't drink it unless you want to experiece what it would be like to drink a fig!! OMG...UGH!! Check out the new look for Drive Through and tell me what you think. I'ts my first try and creating a web set using brushes and I'll take any advice or commnts!