April 28, 2003

Cheerleading took on a whole new meaning this a.m. My darling daughter had to get up at 6 to go to a "practice before you try out for cheerleading practice". Oddly, she didn't seem to mind at all. (Where did I go wrong!) I think we may be in this for the long haul. I decided to get up and do something "exercisy" and began planning an elaborate walking path that would enable me to see not only the beautiful sun rise, but natural wildlife (robins, crows, mailmen) come to life and sing praises to the dawn of a new day...and settled for...this. My fingers are getting a hell of a work out...typing and lifting up the occasional Mountain Dews to drown out early morning breath. I am also exercising my bladder by doing a few Kegals (fact is I'm too damn lazy to get up and go to the bathroom right now). Sometimes pants pissing...doesn't sound all that bad.

April 26, 2003

I have received bad news...my daughter...wants to be...a cheerleader...yes it's really true. She is going to be trying out the first week of May. My heart is broken...more later...sigh

April 25, 2003

One of my poems is featured in the web poetry section of Premiere Generation Ink #6...to read it just click on the blue cover of PGI#6 and scroll down the page a bit...I'm on the right side...From Autumn To Winter


April 23, 2003

I feel like the worlds worst mom. I went to work at 6 a.m. yesterday and didn't see my kiddos before I left. I thought I'd be done around noon or so and would then be able to jet on over to my daughter�s track meet. No such luck...the day began to spiral into cluster Ville right from the get go. I made a hurried call around 1 p.m. or so to talk to my husband who was staying at home with our middle child who was sick (or so I thought when I left this morning) I couldn't reach anyone at home and I began to wonder if Andrew was sicker or...who knew. I made a call to his place of business...my hubby wasn't there...I made a call to my mom to see if she was watching Andrew...nope...I then asked my mom to check on our youngest when school let out (it was obvious by then that I wouldn't be home until very late)...I also mentioned that...I didn't know where the hell my husband OR my (sick?) kid was...good grief. Anyway...to make a long story even longer...I got home around 5 p.m to find my dad there. He met me at the door shaking his head and I could tell...he had a doozy to tell me. In a nutshell...my sick kid went to school at noon and had now biked himself over to the dentist office for 2 fillings (of which I had forgotten all about), my youngest had escaped early on (he is 9) and declared that he "Needed a haircut". He took his own money, went to a hair salon, and got worked in (!). When he went to pay, he didn't have enough money and went down the hallway to where Mark (my hubby...his dad) works (Mark wasn't there though...he was at Katie's track meet), and asked for a loan to pay for his haircut...good lord...I guess the girls there said they had an extra $5.00 and he could "borrow" it...Alec then proceeded to go to the deli, (to watch TV), the supermarket, (to get a pop), and all on a borrowed bike (I don't know from who) and somehow he managed to get a treat for a little girl too...hmmmmm...MEANWHILE...I ran down to the dentist office, Andrew was just getting in. He seemed healthy and non feverish. When he got done I decided it was order a pizza night and after I picked that up was just about to collapse when the phone rang. It was my darling Katie calling from the bus...she did very well in the track meet (course...I wasn't there!), and reminded me that she had a cheerleading meeting that I had to attend with her at 7 pm. I looked at the clock...hell...it was 7:05...AND TODAY...my darling sweet youngest Alec told me (as I drove him to school because it was pouring outside and he wanted to eat breakfast at school) that I (because I was wearing my pajama bottoms and wrinkled gray sweatshirt and my hair was a little on the uncombed side...and I had no make up on) he actually said that I acted a little immature for my age! AAAGGGHHHHhhhhhhhh

Why is it that you ONLY remember that you need to clean out your rain gutters WHEN IT RAINS! I will be on drip watch today because it is raining and yes, our gutters are FULL of debris...

April 22, 2003

Birds are singing...I am not...just getting ready to go to work this early am wishing I was still curled up in bed. Yesterday I ended up doing some "new and fun things" at work due to some emergency shifting...stuff I've never done before...and I felt like an ASS all day. I hate feeling like an ASS...especially ALL DAY. That really "wiped me out"...snicker...okay on that sophmoric note...have a good day all...while I prepare myself for another day of feeling ASS-LIKE.

April 21, 2003

Hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather here was sucky...cold, cloudy and windy. I was sooo surprised about the wind...snicker.... I'm off to work now...of course the sun appears to be out and about this a.m. (traitor)

Hey Shelley...I'm sure you will get a kick out of this...I have a slightly mousy smell in me house...AGAIN! Come sniff it out for me (after you are done laughing of course!) brat

April 18, 2003

Happy Easter All...

April 16, 2003

Silky Brown Waves

I have no desire to do anything but lounge around in my pajamas while listening to Norah Jones, Susan Tedeschi, My good old Bodeans, REM and Lighthouse...while sporadically popping chocolate Easter candies into my mouth...the only thing(s) holding me back from basking in the glow of sheer gooey laziness is the mountain of laundry, the scent of wet dog that is permeating my home

(damn you Pete!), the unexpected glance I had of my undulating lard ass in the hallway mirror (got to move that piece of lying shit!), and most importantly...no more candy left! Hells bells...

April 14, 2003

I feel somewhat of an ass when I read over my last post...hmmmm...oh well...not the first or last time I'm afraid
I don�t think I could ever get my fill of the day today�or the night tonight. The air is that kind of heavy and soft air. With a pale yellow moon that�s full and just a tad bit blurry from a few well-placed misty clouds. The stars that are showing are just a bit dull and aren�t twinkley but they just complete the mystical picture. It just seems like a special night

The birds were all trying to out sing one another this afternoon. The cedar waxwings made a drive through and stopped at our pond until a few selfish love crazed robins chased them away. There were mourning doves coo cooing so soft and sweet and lazy it made you want to curl up on a blanket and while away the day. Bird song was in stereo all day and through the evening.

This was the kind of day that sends you reeling as soon as you walk outside and take that first good morning deep breath. The broadleaf tree�s are all starting to green up and unfurl their baby leaves. The fruit trees are starting to bloom, and the flowering purple plum and even the honeysuckle is starting to send out sugary whiffs of pure heaven. The tulips are showing off their colors one by one- first a red, then a yellow then a few more. The wild onions that grow along the creek beds are starting to send out their pungent scent too. Today someone was mowing their lawn and boy doesn�t that makes you stop and sniff. If I could have gotten away with it I would have rolled around in the grass like my good old dog Pete!

I can hear a few frogs croaking above the whirring of the lawn sprinklers and I don�t think I ever heard any frogs croaking last year.

Our lawn looks like a cat with ringworm or a dog with mange...too many bare patches. I think(hope) nothing that a good wet summer wouldn�t cure. Maybe, just maybe, we won�t be as dry this year. Already though, with the weather into the 90�s I am afraid of what is yet to come.

April 13, 2003

What a gorgeous weekend!! The weather was perfectamundo! I got out and played in the dirt a little. I managed to clean out our fish pond and yes...our 3 goldfish and 1 "brownfish" are still alive and kicking! They are 3 years old (like you really care I know). I planted a few bulbs and picked up large amounts of dog crap (aren't you envious of my fantastic day). I went walking with rat boy Petey(our terrier) and caught a few rays ...ahhhh...life is suhhweeet! Here's a pic of our pond last year in it's height of glory!

hell..never mind...I cant find it...

April 11, 2003

We won one...we lost one...but the one we lost...was a fun one and a great work-out. Sometimes it's good to sweat with the oldies! Watch out next time Miss Becky! Your team is going down! Today I'm sending out B-day greetings to Judy and Farshead! Happy Birthday ! Waahhhoooooo...yall are older than me!!! p.s...Brad...sorry I gave you the blue ball!

April 10, 2003

Volleyball night...Go bitch posse...go bitch posse...it's your birthday

April 09, 2003

Okay here's a subject: War rhymes with Whore...talk amongst yourselves
The snow is almost gone now. Yesterday the temp got up to around 50 and water ran off the rooftops like a heavy rainfall. Our yard is a pit of despair. Some people have hibiscus peeping up through the last bit of downy snowdrifts looking like a picture postcard...we have dandelions not only peeping up but actually thrusting up quite jauntily and seemingly saying "Hi...we own this crappy lawn so kindly take yourself someplace else!" Damn. I feel like the crocodile hunter out there yanking those suckers out by the roots and struggling to keep them under control. My fear is their takeover of the house...although...now that I think about it...my carpets are sucky...hmmmm

April 08, 2003

My comments are...gone...damn...too late now...maybe the comment fairy will stop by and leave me something under my pillow.

April 07, 2003

I've been very busy updating the Dashs new look! What do you think...isn't it great! I absolutely love Tart Graphics...as if you couldn't tell. My first set was one of theirs too. I really want to learn how to "skin my site" so that I can have the option of seeing all my sets...cuz I love em! If anyone has a good tutorial would you let me know @ poniday@msn.com. I've gotta go get me beauty sleep...early morning tomorrow. Please also...everyone say a prayer for a friend of ours that will undergo surgery tomorrow. Please pray also for the medical staff who will care for him and that God would guide the surgeons hands. We love you Farshead! Thanks, Me
It's a whole new look...!

Tart graphics...snaps to you!
Well�I really did it tonight. I had this weird sorta fight with my daughter (age 14) about cappuccino. She came home from Gas n Slurp with a bag of goodies for us all�and a gigantic cup of �drink� for herself. She was slugging away at her drink when I asked, �Is that coffee?� She says, �Yes�it�s a cappuccino.� I say, �Well I don�t want you drinking cappuccino at this late hour and what the heck are you doing drinking that any way?� I then stupidly stutter forth with �Caffeine is a drug!� And �What�s next? Beer chugging on a weekdays?� I must be possessed because I continue with �You are not allowed to drink caffeine at anytime!� (As I hide my 4th Mountain Dew of the day behind a loaf of Wonder bread) My daughter counter with �Oh yah�first cappuccino then it�s on to drugs!� I agree and say,�Yes! I�ve seen it happen!� �First girls stunt their growth with significant amount of cappuccino and then they have been know to take drugs!� (Don�t ask me why I started on this rant�I just did! I wonder at my sanity at this time but stupidly stutter forth with��I don�t want you drinking any type of caffeine at this time!� Good Lord�

Later I talk to her and explain that I meant I would appreciate it if she wouldn�t drink caffeine at such a late hour. I also told her that perhaps I had �over-reacted� to her cappuccino-drinking episode.

Maybe it was the idea of her being old enough to drink coffee that triggered my spaz attack. (

What I didn�t tell her was the vision I had of this:

A group of kids breaking into a Gas n Slurp and take a large amount of cash�later fade in to a distraught picture of a girl with dirty blonde hair crying and saying, �I only wanted a cappuccino!� Then the picture swings to a shot of a trailer that is filled with smoke and a group of kids standing outside smiling at nothing while holding large cups of steaming mugs of what could only be cappuccino!

April 06, 2003

It's still snowing! There are drifts and drifts of fluffy snow banks everywhere. The streets are filled with slush and mush and although traffic is able to move freely I would just bet the country roads are a mess. I can hear the kids singing "snow day" already. I haven't seen this kind of a snow in years and years. I hope my hostas and various bulbs will make it through this cornball snowfall. I covered the just peeping sprouts up yesterday and am crossing my fingers.
It's still snowing! There are drifts and drifts of fluffy snow banks everywhere. The streets are filled with slush and mush and although traffic is able to move freely I would just bet the country roads are a mess. I can hear the kids singing "snow day" already. I haven't seen this kind of a snow in years and years. I hope my hostas and various bulbs will make it through this cornball snowfall. I covered the just peeping sprouts up yesterday and am crossing my fingers.

April 03, 2003

Bitch Posse Buzz

What's New @ The Bitch

April 2, 2003
In This Issue:

1.BITCH POSSE MANTRA All Together Now...
2.Bitch Shop
3. Pie Hole Gapability Issues


1. BITCH POSSE MANTRA All Together Now...

Bitch Posse

It's not only a name...it's an attitude!

Be the best Bitch that you can be and be it in a Bitch Posse T!

Hey...I was a STAR on BITCH SEARCH!


Watch Me Shine...
Watch Me Glow...
I Ain't Kidding When I Say
It's All about THE ATTITUDE
Ladies...Show It Off
Style Now
Oh Yah...You Got It
Uh Huh...You Got

You can read about it...or you can BE IT...you decide.
2. Bitch Shop

When you feel bitchy don't ya like ta shop?
Okay, well then...when you feel bitchy don't ya like to piss someone off?
Okay...now we're onto something.
Do you know someone who is a, well...lard ass?
If so...why not send them a cutzy little sweet sticker that tells it like it is.
As a matter of fact why not just put up a few dozen of them on their locker, book, car, lawn furniture...grin...you get the picture.
How sweet the sound of a lard ass who is pissed off! Butt wait...I hear one now!

3. Pie Hole Gapability Issues

Hey, have you ever met a man that can keep his pie hole shut for the proper amount of time when standing close to you? Me either...What's with that?
Anyway...check out the perfect postcards featuring a man,a cork, a pie hole properly dressed, and the insensitive scrawl of "Wish you were here!"
Use a couple dozen...they do brighten up the walls!
Talk to ya later...I'm gonna go put on my bitch posse nightgown and watch Fox News...and make fun of their news babes...they wear way to much make up!

Good Lord...my social life is at an all time low...

Damn...I need to get out more often...

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April 01, 2003

Here is something that happened on our way home from Colorado. We stopped a few times on our way out the mountains because I was bitchy and wanted to look at rocks. (Me rock hound) I started to root around beside a river bank among assorted gigantic boulders when I suddenly saw this stained glass sort of book looking object winking at me from a high niche carved out of this massive wedge of quartz. Instantly I felt special and think I've found a treasure all me very own and hooray hooray I get a prize for being so clever to jump arond among these gorgous stones. I instantly (by this I mean carefully and actually snail-like ) hauled my arse up to this shelf to get a better gawk. I was dumbfounded. It was a memorial to ...(damn...am looking for my scrap paper with the name written on it...hell) well...it was to a lady with the first name of Sybal from her husband Ron and there was an engraving that stated that Sybals last wish was for her ashes to be spread among the beauty of the Colorado Mountains and now that wish was granted by her loving hubby. I was in awe. The memorial was beautiful and (weird) just as I finished reading the engraving...a bird began singing and calling a wonderful melodic tune...seriously...I got goosebumps then and now...just talking about it.