December 30, 2003

Need I say anything?? Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy

I finally checked my mail...only 299. Gee...I am loved. Only 298 of them were spam. The one I was especially drawn too was from my beloved Amazon. I do quite a bit of book buying there. Anyway the title of the mail was called New You 2004 and I thought it was my new recommendations. and perhaps it is...bas turds because they were all DIET BOOKS! Thank you made my day. go to hell

December 25, 2003

Okay...belly dancing sounds exotic, graceful, and just a touch naughty, but it's also great exercise that isolates and tones every part of your body!
Everybody should do it!
My set includes a set of finger cymbals that I gracefully clink together as I do the "Hip Drop" and the "Snake Hips" me some other time!
I know I'm good at bellying up to the bar and the "Jelly belly roll" is something I'm bound to be awesome at...I can't wait to get started! Yi yi yi yi yi!!!
ps...thanks Gina...I owe ya one!
A few notes from a spoiled girl.
Santa was berry berry good to me...again.
One present I received was "The Art Of Belly Dancing"...more later!

December 21, 2003

I woke up at 6:53 am today in a panic. I dreamed that 49 people came into the coffee shop at once, just a bit after closing, and for some reason I was all alone there, AND I was talking to Josh, one of our salesmen and he Would Not shut up!! I remember turning to the crowd and saying "Everybody say hi to Josh" and they did and then I said "Everybody say goodbye Josh" and they did then I hung up on him. The first lady I talked to asked for a "draw beer" and I had to tell her I didn't have beer but I was thinking to myself, "and get one for me too!".

I also dreamed I couldn't make this one guys Chocolate Chunk Frappe Freeze right and that every glass I picked up...was dirty...ugh...what a way to wake up!

I remember thinking that I would just start making cappuccino's and latte's and I would have to send someone for milk and's a wonder I didin't start grinding beans and tamping coffee with poor hubby Mark's uhhh...yahhhh.

Yahohoho and other Christmas Cheer

I just got up then and when I got downstairs I noticed

...I had dirty dishes in my sink. coffee in the house clean clothes

...except for a few tshirts that say "I got a Swirlie from Shirley...and I liked it!"

...I knew this wouldn't work for church so I would have to wear a scratchy sweater milk either...all at the shop!

...the weather channel says we might get a chance of snow tonight and tomorrow...otherwise it's been 50-60 degrees here...ugh...I hate that for Christmas

...leaves in my entryway fingernails left

...bad fine as frog fur hair

...sweaters on my teeth

...weight gain...must be fluid *winkity wink*

December 18, 2003

I wrapped presents today and put them under the tree even though Petie has been known to sneak into our sun-room and leave a nice yellow present there himself *rat basturd terror*, because Alec informed me our tree looked "naked" and there was ONLY a few days before Christmas. I looked at the big Al in amazement and demanded proof that indeed it was December and soon to be Christmas. He proceeded to show me the calendar and I noted that there really were only 6 shopping days left. Huh? What the hell? I just put the decorations up! The stockings aren't hung with care, the figgy pudding isn't ready, there isn't any snow, I'm out of tape, I can't find the scissors, the belly is big and round and jiggles like a bowl full of jelly, I will grant you that, but, hells bells! Say it ain't so I say, demand and plead.

On another I came to the realization that I had to put something under the tree, and wrapped gifts (after buying my 34th pair of scissors and 13 rolls of tape) I decided to watch TV...yes...really. I watched Wit on HBO and began to become sad. I remembered all the hospice patients I cared for and got teary and very someone cheer me up...hurry...before I bawl all over the Christmas lights and short them out!

December 16, 2003

There's an old man that comes into the coffee shop almost every morning. He shuffles in with his cane and orders a cup of coffee and sometimes a few wafer cookies or a cinnamon roll. I know he is lonely. He shows me something new each day. A picture of him in his military uniform (his sweetheart gave him a Dear John letter and he never married), a satin pillow case he brought back from the war for his mother (faded, tattered and scripted with "Mom" in curved fancy type), a silver dollar, a wooden nickle, an oversized metal coin from the Meadow Gold milkman with the Huskers game schedule listed on it, and so on and so on. He always has a runny nose and a bit of slobber hanging from his lip. Lately he has been "spilling his coffee" on his lap, onto the floor and I really think he is wetting himself. We get the clorax water ready and mop and clean and sterilize all surfaces after he leaves. Each time he brings in a little relic and tells the tale of how he came to have it I think of how sad and lonely his life must be. I wonder why he never got another sweetheart, why he carries a pillowcase around, and the silver dollar, and the Meadow Gold milkman coin...(I once was in love with the Meadow Gold Milkman...I was all of 5 and couldn't wait for when he drove up in his big semi to my grandma and grandpa's grocery store with his deliveries...I would wear my best pink dress for him...but...I regress...anyway...I keep hearing this sad music in my head when this old man shuffles in. I look around and wish for an ambu bag just in case his heart stops and I'd have to do a little CPR on him...I dont wanna think of mouth to mouth...(all over body shudder)...

December 15, 2003

My socks are too big for my shoes so my feet ache. I'm sure it isn't because my shoes are 1/2 size too little or anything like that.
And...I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger lately.
Could someone pass around the cheese cuz I might be whining soon.

December 14, 2003 the one act got seventh out recieved a superior rating! Give it up for those drama queens! Whooooo!

December 12, 2003

The one act play made it to state! Volleyball, Football, and now...One Act Play. They are doing a rendition of Sleepy Hollow. Katie is playing a Townsperson and has no lines...but hey...she gets to Go To State! Which means yet another day off of school, junk food, and a bus ride. Who could ask for more.
They even get to ride the fire engine through town (like the girls volleyball and boys football team did) after the pep rally! Uhhh yah...I said pep rally...They are getting a Pep Rally. I think that is cool but how precious are we getting here? grin

December 10, 2003

Crap News

Eighteen months ago Alec had what was initial called an aneurysmal bone cyst and what the Dr. frequently calls "a non malignant tumor" removed from his lower leg bone right at the growth plate and on Monday we found out that it's back. That sucks. We are supposed to just "watch it" for 6 months and then return, or the Dr. may call us after he has another specialist over read the x-ray, or "if we have any problems" like say...a fracture...? perhaps!! Alec had the whole gamut of surgery, bone graft, crutches, non weight bearing for about 4 months, no running for about 1 year (supposed to keep a 7 year old from running? huh??) and the damn thing is back. Plus the growth plate has some irritation now. That scares me. I hate it!

December 08, 2003


Okay, here's the deal. Don Schwann came to our house to deliver a few goodies and collect his well earned cash. My dog, affectionately known as "Porno Pete", sniffed his leg, ran over to a pillow and proceeded to piss like a Russian race horse. On that note I say good night and Let It Snow!

Mooned Ya!

My gosh...hurry up and go look at the moon!

Isn't that GORGEOUS!!

...and no, Mark, I wasn't talking about your apple cheeks either...grin.
According to the moon is in a transition stage called the Gibbous...which means it's not quite full yet...and that in turn means(who knew) that There�s an opportunity to fine-tune and make whatever you�re working on better, stronger. If you can, peel the emotion away from the matter and give it over to your analytical mind. okay then
The moon is also in Gemini which means that it's a good day for hanging curtains, airing out rugs and planting vines, and that the day could be stressful and you should think "my limbs are long (ha! fat chance of that on me) and supple (yah...ehh bubble maybe) anyway
That's the moon report. I'd better get my moon to work!

December 06, 2003

Please Come Visit Our House

Sumo rassling at the McCurdy household!

December 05, 2003

Stuff and Yadda...yawn

...bought a new scale and finally used old pink baby was a lying sack of crap...kind of....I do weigh about 5 pounds less...but 5 ain't 10...
I'm looking for new holiday look for my blog and can't find anything I just can't live without...
The Cambridge girls won their first game last night! We are off to a great start!

December 04, 2003

Sick Scale

Last night I got on my ancient pink scale and weighed in at 10 pounds less than I usually do. I had what some people describe as a coniption fit as I didn't really believe it. I reached up to my fat rolls and counted...yes...they were all still there. I had just emptied the bladder and I was in the buff as I wanted every extra scrap of clothing that could possibly weigh in at So...I got back on and yes...still 10 pounds off...picked up the scale and rattled it...checked underneath it...pinched my fat...looked at my off...looked around to see if anyone was hiding in the bathroom and somehow lifting my ass off of the scale as I was getting one present but me. I picked up the load of dirty clothes that were scattered around the bathroom floor and got on...still...oddly I weighed less than I thought I would. I kept looking around and at my body...yes my stovepipe legs were still bra fat...yah...still ribs...? huh...what ribs?...okay then....WTF? I contemplated making a midnight run to Walmart for a new scale...then decided I was definitely nutzo. I thought about what I'd eaten that day and knew damn well the scale had to be broken...lets see...a wedge of pepperoni, mozzerella, a few gumdrop cookies...uuhhhhmmmm...taco soup...a bit of lasagna...yah...right...I'm sure I'm 10 pounds less...NOT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This morning I tried to get get on that scale and see if it had somehow broken down. Of course no one would humor me.
Damn...I know it can't be right but I SO wish it were.
Bastard scale...trying to make fun of me...getting my hopes up...assmunch...

December 01, 2003

Ho Ho Ho Mo Fo

We have been decorating the shop for Christmas and I'm like a kid in a candy store. I love to decorate! We got an animated Snowmanand a 5 foot animated singing Santa and they ROCK! They came in a small box...all compacted tightly. When we opened up the first box...there was Santa...sans head! Spooky!! Guess where his head was stored? Yah...wedged right into his crotch. Perfect really...I mean, if you think about it. Talk about channeling brain waves...!
Both sing and dance and come with a microphone you can hook up and talk through...making them say whatever YOU say. I love it! I can see me hiding behind the counter now and saying..."Have you been a good little boy?" to some of our coffee drinkers. hee hee hee I'm getting ready for fun. I know I know...I need to get out more! I'll post pictures later.