April 29, 2004

Oh Aunty Em

Is it freakin' Friday yet?
Cuz it SURE FEELS like Friday...
I just keep clicking my heels together and saying "There's no place like Friday...There's no place like Friday" and hoping that when I open my eyes...I'll be in Friday land. Where the clothes are casual(uhhh...well... actually my clothes are casual I mean how much more casual can ya get than a T-shirt that says...Men rule the world but woman rule the men), the work day is short(ER) and there's always Friday night to look forward to...ie...Margaritaville...HERE I COME!

April 28, 2004

Strange Entry

I would LOVE to see Blue Man Group - Music in concert! You should watch these guys on Freeview on DIRECTV.
That said...I will now pause to sing I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener.
Good day.

April 26, 2004

Brain Spasm

I have got this idea and I can't quit thinking about it...B.R.I.S.K.
That's right...Bike Ride Into Shirley K's !!!
Really I want it to be Shirley K's Sugar Free...something, something, something...bike ride...and donate the money to the Diabetic Association.
Mark came up with the BRISK idea...and I really like that.
A brisk ride...yahhhhhh
The end date would coincide with our local yearly celebration...Medicine Creek Days and a bash at Shirley K's!!!
God...I can see it now...
By God...next year...it will be so.....I've got to get to work on it....the route...etc...
Maybe work with clinics...hospitals...drug reps...cuz I want this to be a money maker for Diabetes...
Anyone out there with ideas or comments...please drop me a line....poniday@msn.com with bike in the subject line please....Thanks!

April 25, 2004

Sumo Assed Fire Starter

I've got a fire going people...and NO IT'S NOT IN MY STOVE CINDY.
My Anniversary Fire Pit is IN ACTION!
In fact...it's getting more action than some things around here...wink.
I have time for a short note because I've got to kiss the kids, put out the dog, look at the fire(with a beer in my hand) and paint my toenails and maybe just maybe find something to wear for tomorrow.
Probably a big burlap sack...I wonder do they come in mama sumo assed size?
Let me know...g'night all.

April 24, 2004

Just...News and Stuff

Poetry Night was a success! Poet, Mat Mason, emceed the event and we had five Cambridge High Schoolers deliver their poetry and wayyyy many more kids and adults indulged in the open mic offered as well! We had at least 65 people present in our little shop and it was FUN! We can't wait to be open at night again...but what to do. We've tossed around a singer, a story teller, showing a movie...we have a projector...or open mic night...we aren't sure yet. Anyway...check out our shop "load"...grin

Tonight we are on to prom! See the picture below...sigh...can't believe daughter Katie (I mean me having a daughter who is old enough to go to the prom) is that old now. On the count of three everybody say...Ahhhhhhhhhh....1...2.....3....

April 21, 2004

Coasting, Sneezing and Wheezing

Just finished a bike ride with Cindy Sue.

We went South of town this time and put in around 28 miles.

It's been quite a while since I rode so I was happy I could manage without needing CPR.

Starting off we had to climb several big long hills that seemed to stretch forever...god...I thought I was going to suck in so much air I'd aspirate a bug or something.

The road was very rough and full of rutts and I'm wondering if I'll be able to sit down tomorrow without screaming.

Coming home was soooo much nicer.

The wind died down a bit and the hills were long and sweet.

We got to enjoy a bit of coasting.

The only bad thing is my allergies suddenly came to life and I sneezed about 12 times in a row.

I have to get an antihistamine on board ASAP or I'll be miserable for the next week.

April 20, 2004

Jam This

Shirley K's Coffee Shop is having a poetry jam party(the first one ever) this Thursday.

Mat Mason will be there to help us get off the ground. We will also have several high school students reading too. It should be fun. Cindy and I are thinking of what our menu should be...maybe "jam sandwiches"?

I will be reading my famous haiku entitled..."Sumo Laundress"...it won't take long.

17 syllables slip out quickly

before you know it

I'm done

Anyways...if you are in the neighborhood...stop by for a taste of poetry.

Jam This

Shirley K's Coffee Shop is having a poetry jam party(the first one ever) this Thursday.
Mat Mason will be there to help us get off the ground. We will also have several high school students reading too. It should be fun. Cindy and I are thinking of what our menu should be...maybe "jam sandwiches"?
I will be reading my famous haiku entitled..."Sumo Laundress"...it won't take long.
17 syllables slip out quickly
before you know it
I'm done
Anyways...if you are in the neighborhood...stop by for a taste of poetry.

April 18, 2004

Blow Me One More Time & I'll SCREAM

It is just one long blowing, howling, dust filled, gravel spitting, tree branch breaking, trash can bongo drumming, wind chime chattering, dirt in the eyeballs all damn day long, tornadic without the rain wetting, say wasn't that just my underwear blowing across the street kind of day.

The wind blew me so much:

my teeth is gritty

my eyes is gritty

my feet is gritty

my house is gritty

my kids is gritty

Screw this nasty dirty ass day!

I want a light breezy wind barely kissing my brow kind of day...RIGHT NOW!

(looking out the window)

shit...still blowing like a $5 whore.

April 17, 2004

Rolls, My Ass

I just made then ate a portabello mushroom sandwich seasoned with celery salt, lemon pepper and red wine vinegar served on toasted bread with chedder cheese.
We have no other food or basic necesities at our house.
No milk, no butter, no luncheon meat, no paper plates, no toliet paper.
Strangely we had portobello mushrooms and moldy provolone cheese(which I discarded and used the chedder) and a couple of slices of ackkk...white bread.
Those poor shrooms...as we had no olive oil I had to brown 'em up in crisco.
God...I feel the rolls on my ass increasing as I type
I'm thinking we should have those at the Coffee Shop(not my ass rolls...grin...the Portobello Pannini)
Only with roasted red peppers, tiny bit of onion, tomato and parmesan cheese on grilled Ciabetta bread.
Well, enough about me...tell me about your ass rolls...and make it quick...I'm tired!

April 14, 2004

Well Dressed Bum...OR Blue Light Special

We went to Omaha for Alec's 2 1/2 month Dr. apointment. We left last night around 8:30 pm and got there barely four hours later...not bad timing if you take into consideration what we had to waste getting a speeding ticket and potty breaks and all.
Well, ya all KNOW it wasn't me driving...cuz the handibus passed me by one time and that's just me...I drive the speed limit.
we stayed at Le Quinta...we usually do. the place was fuckin packed and here it is at midnight and we got a room on the farthest end and when we open the door and turn on the light...guess what...yah...the room is full of semen stained sheets and beer bottles stacked up in the trash can.
So we call the hotel "guy" from the room and he says "no problem" and he has another room for us and just to "wait there" he'll be right down.
Meanwhile...this really drunk OR really well dressed bum comes weaving throught he hallway in this strangely bizarre shirt. It's a green long sleeved one with stick men on it. The man weaves toward us and stammers...something...like "It's easy to get lost here" (side note...the place is only 2 floors high)
This man has on bright blue jeans...the really really blue new looking ones crackling around his short stove pipe legs and a shock full of red hair and a beard that is stringy with food and other "things".
Oddly...his shirt is the same one that Mark is wearing.
hahahahahahahhahahahahahahh....god...just a sick co ink ee dink I'm hoping...anyway we finally get into the room across the hallway...semenless and fairly clean and sack out.
There is a lot more to the story...but I'm freaking tired...so ...
the end

April 13, 2004

April 12, 2004

Holy Snow Shoes!

It's snowing like a mo fo here!
Check out this webcam...you can see the coffee shop traffic...if ya squint real hard!
Watch for me around 7 am every day...I'm gonna moon whoever looks!

April 11, 2004

Bon Bon's My Ass...Try Fried Cheese Rings and Ultra Michelob

I've been reading(as in 1 or 2 pages a day and this mostly while shaving my legs with one hand and holding the book with the other at 12:30 am when the day is finally winding down)Angry Housewives Eating bon Bons thanks to BP Growling Bear and it is SO US...us meaning the BP's...BP's meaning the bitch posse...meaning we, who are a group of broads, who "hang with each other". Although I don't think we have a "wife beater" in our group...maybe it's the other way around...hee hee....That does remind me of a Christmas shopping story I will talk about at some other time...I digress...
I think anyone who has a group they "run" with should read the book.
Anyway...Happy Easter.

April 10, 2004

Search Terms

I just looked at my stats and saw some of the search terms people used and accidently came to my site.
I hope I never meet any of the people who typed in a few of the particular terms such as: "girls who take a bath at night with calgon bubble bath pictures"...or "and pissin my mouth".
God...I KNOW I don't have those terms(in that order) listed on my site.

April 08, 2004

I Went...I Saw...I Rocked!

Prince was, in a word, great! He is definitely a performer.
The light show and special effects added to the show which included not only some of his new funky music but songs from the Purple Rain era and oldies like Little Red Corvette but for me the highlight was after his encore.
After at least a 10 minute ovation Prince came back out on stage with just his guitar and played several bluesy jazzy pieces.
That was the greatest!
The only bad thing about the concert?
My seatmate.
No, Not Mark...the other one.
Some guy who clapped by slapping his shoulder with one hand and brayed loudly Ooooo Ooooo Ooooo and had BAD B.O.
The only time he wasn't yelling he was walking in front of me.

I sense a disruption related to my chilluns...more later.

April 06, 2004

...and Smile When Ya Say It!

Jo Jo Dancing Girl has a sister who came to visit.
She doesn't live around here anymore...shame really cuz I think we could be buds.
That sister thinks I'm rude and a bad waitress.
Yayyy...somebody please...fire me quick...cut my wages...tell my boss...slap me silly... or better yet...congratulate me on a job well done!!!

April 05, 2004

Me, Formerly Known As: Bambi, then S.P.,then Speed, then poni

Guess who I'm going to go see in Concert...!! Whoot Whoot!
I do love how that man plays the guitar!
The concert is Wednesday night in Omaha.
The last concert I went to was Tom Petty around 10 years ago.
Well, I'm beat and the dishes are waiting.

April 03, 2004

Pathetic Little Celebrity Story

(Idea stolen straight from Shenry)
I was just reading Shenry's blog and he was talking about celebrities and immediately I thought of my own brush with one.
Brush is a little off.
I've got a pretty special autograph.
Okay now, put in mind that my Dad and grandparents ran a grocery store for 60 years or so and that I grew up in a small town.
Also...we didn't get out much...grin.
You want to know who my autograph is from?
Well, I"m goint to tell you anyway...C.W. McCall!!
Remember him?
Are you jealous?
It was signed "To Sheryl, keep on truckin"
I was about 9 or so, maybe younger.
My friend brought it back for me from a trip.
I didn't even see the road king in person.