April 20, 2005

Feel The Wrath!

A sad night...a very very sad night. The BP's LOST. Yes, even though we won...we lost more than we won and we are now OUT of the volleyball tournament.
fuckity fuckity fuck
No black and pink T-shirts proclaiming "We Are Number 1" shall adorn our tired old bodies.
We are losers!
Yes, I know, we exercised, we got together, we bonded so we are really winners...but in reality we fucking LOST the game so we ARE FUCKING LOSERS!
One of our players, one of our tallest...I mean...THE TALLEST player, who shall now be known forever as REDEYE couldn't come to the games tonight. She showed up at the shop this morning with some kind of lame assed excuse and bilateral brilliant red sclera and constant running rheumy eyes and proclaimed, "I might not be able to come to the game tonight". I asked, Why the hell not? Totally ignoring the fact that as she spoke, a steady river of tears ran down both her cheeks. She was like, Duh...I have an allergy or pink eye or something. I was like...huhhh? I don't even see that. I think you are FINE. I mean, can't you just wear a patch or something? Isn't there a drop you can insert? What the hell do you mean you can't come to the TOURNAMENT??? She shook her head at me, and said, Well, maybe I could come...not sure. I said, Yahhhh...that's what I thought! Be there or suffer the wrath of the BP's!
You know the rest of the story...

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shenry said...

Psha... a little bit of allergy or pink eye shouldn't stop anyone from volleyball. Though I do like the name "Redeye"... it has demonic connotations.