April 18, 2005

Go Read This Lovely News

I was on Keith Obermanns blog when I spotted this gem:

Two shipments of deadly flu missing, WHO(World Health Organization) says�

There is actually an "Influenaza Chief" and his name is Klaus Stohr. He stated that maybe the missing vials of KILLER FLU VIRUS might not have been sent out but he's just not sure.
WHAT?! NOT SURE?! Why the hell not?! If I was responsible for a KILLER FLU VIRUS being shipped around to other countries would I not have ckeck points, ummmm, armed guards, tear gas, ummmmmm at the very minimum there would have to be some sort of documentation for shits sake!

ps...why the hell does a KILLER FLU VIRUS need to be shipped to other countries anyway? Just destroy it.

This is a headline that struck me as, well not funny but ironic...Flu cases rise in U.S.; peak may be ahead.

Yah...I'm guessing the peak'll be coming along sooner than we realize.

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