April 30, 2005

Got Crabs?

Around the New Year I purchased a case of crab legs for a soire' of sorts. After the partay was over and we took stock of things we noticed we still had a gazillion leftover. We put them in "The Little House" next door. It's a rental we own that used to house Mark's pharmacy students in days gone by and occasionally the MIL
Now, it's a crab house.
Or...I should say it WAS a crab house because tonight, we ate the last one. We stoked up the grill, stuffed it to the gills, and after a bit of heat, those babies were ready to eat. I popped open a spicy V8 juice, poured Mark and I a glass of that (plus beer) threw the steaming legs on the table, got everyone bibs and butter and...we gorged!
I can honestly say, there is no better supper than this.
Too bad you weren't here!
Damn it was good...

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