April 21, 2005

I'm Dreaming Of Eighth Grade

Have you ever...cleaned a closet? Isn't it something how a person saves clothes from YEARS and YEARS ago hoping that someday the jeans from eighth grade might fit again (or in my case...the jeans from last year). I couldn't believe the amount of wearable crap that occupied a once empty rectangle of space. I took everything out, made 3 piles (massive gargantuon piles) on the floor...long and short sleeved Keepers, jeans and shorts Keepers, and Thrift Shop. I sorted diligently and had a large amount in the Thrift Shop pile( I kept the jeans from eighth grade...I'm still a dreamer). I was proud!
I was also tired of the whole project and began looking in all the bedroom drawers and thus noted that there wasn't even an inch of extra room to cram the "Keepers". I then, you guessed it, began to pile the Keepers into the closet. Layer after layer after layer.
The only good thing that did come of this is that I hurried out the door and got the Thrift Shop pile taken care of right away.
On a sad note, my closet looks fairly close to the way it did before I cleaned it.

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Anonymous said...

You're a step ahead of me....the last time I did the closet douche, my thrift store sack rode around in the trunk of my car for a month or more! It went to Kearney--twice, McCook several times, and finally I just pulled up at the dumpster, hit the automatic trunk opener...and tossed it in...
I am a slug....