April 29, 2005

Just Call Me A Grouchy Grinch

I just got up out of bed because I couldn't sleep...duh...and For The Love Of All That Is Pink!
Massive swirling blizzardy type crystals are literally polluting the air.
Those little bastards anyway.
Now rain, YES. Sweet soothing dripping off the eaves into the gently nodding heads of tulips then soaking into the softly greening grass, YES.
NOT BASTARD SNOWFLAKES collecting like so many dust bunnies upon my poor freezing cold basil, rosemary and savory plants.
I'm going to go get my blow dryer and kick some snowflake ass!

1 comment:

shenry said...

Excellent picture. It's snowing here, too, and I feel the exact same way. I like the way the flash reflection hovers just off-center of your bird. It's as if your bird is twinkling.