April 25, 2005

Old News or News of The Old

Well, as you can see, Prom 2005 was Saturday.
Mark and I were asked to help sponsor the Post Prom Partay and we did. When the dance is over the kids get to play all kinds of games that earn them points. After about an hour of play there is an auction and the kids buy all kinds of donated goodies. Then there are games for an hour, then another auction, then games for an hour and then an auction and...you get the picture. This little gem of a partay started at 11:30 pm and lasted until 4:30(ish).
We had to go to the shop and check the computers and freezers as soon as we were done there because there was a power surge. Damn surging blankity blank blank.
Luckily, everything was okay. That was around 5 am...when I usually get up and I was like, Hey...let's eat eggs and toast and watch TV! Whoo Hooooooo!
Katie was already home asleep, Mark nixed that idea and crawled to bed so I, yes the oinker, fixed eggs and toast and stuffed my piehole. Around 6 I too was snoring and slobbering.
I'm getting old people. Too old to stay up late in public anyway. I mean, I needed my striped jammie pants and a big T-shirt and my blankie about 11:35.

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