April 25, 2005

Rasslin' Nurse Who Also Yodeled...there is hope for me yet!

Real Name: Ida SelenkowNickname: "The Body"
Signature wrestling move: drop kick
One of the most recognized, and beautiful, wrestling stars of the 1950s, Ida May Martinez traveled all over North America taking on the toughest opponents, thrilling wrestling fans wherever she appeared. Introduced to wrestling in 1950 by legendary promoter Billy Wolfe, Ida spent the next ten years between the ropes. In 1952, Ida was recognized as the Mexican Women's Champion.
After hanging up her boots in 1960, Ms. Martinez went on to help early AIDS patients and their families, establish a nursing career, and become a star in western yodeling (where she's known as "The Yodeling Lady"). Today, Ida May Martinez is recognized by numerous organizations for her many contributions to society.
Courtesy of G.L.O.R.Y. Legend Of The Ring

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