May 13, 2005

Bitchwad Alert Bitchwad Alert

Marks in the other room watching Bob Costas and laughing his ass off...alone. Giggling like a newborn babe even. be so gleeful about a bunch of guys discussing sports...gag
I am drinking Mich with Spicy v8 and vacillating about surfing blogs I love to read and don't ever seem to get the time to read anymore and hitting the fluffy pillow.
I've had what I think should be called a peri-menopausal mood swing moment when I got home from work. The "moment" involved a child/teen/boy/mine and various eye rolling mean assed sneers and basic teen shitdom, room un-cleanliness, rudeness and a variety of other items I tire of thinking about.
Can I survive this?
Can I?
How do people raise kids? Right.
sigh...I think I dread the summer...
In other news, the backyard is looking up. I mean if you can ignore the dandelions, dog shit smell and general untidiness...It's looking good.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! The same teenaged boy lives at my house too....or at least a twin! 13 YIPE!