May 18, 2005

Camping, Cowboys and Such Shit

What a long donkey ass day.
And I meant that!
I'm tired and I think it's from a little bike ride...cheese and rice what will I do when it's a LONG ride?!
I am, however, SO excited for the Medicine Creek Days Parade! If you all are NOT are gonna be sorry! I have a rental house that is OPEN and available FREE OF CHARGE if you come down for "THE DAYS"! I may also have an extra Coffee Bean Queen costume OR a Wannabe Costume...(cuz who DOESN'T' want to be a Shirley K's Coffee Bean Queen?!)for a few of you! GET DOWN HERE!
Today I noticed that rap music is really country music...I mean the rap is all talking about, my Chevy is fucked and my cousin is my mama and my dog loves the polka and sheeiit stompin crap like that! I called Katie down from her room and told her this info and she was all like, duh...rap has always been that way it's just that now it's slowed down so you can understand the words!
huh...who knew
My new "flower border deluxe" is growing a weed a minute and I SO REGRET not putting down trash can liners then mulch.
BRAN ride is coming up and my bike miles are not that many. I caught the sound of an underground sprinkler the other night and I began to miss camping out...hahahahah
Katie loves a rodeo clown boy...???'s true...a cowboy rodeo clown boy...god....tell me where I went wrong...please...

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