May 29, 2005

Celebrate Good Times!

I'm watching the annual Medicine Creek Days Fireworks from my window tonight. I'm tired, yah, again yet even, tired. This weekend has left my end week. Alec ran the road race early Saturday morning and we were in the parade, as you can see below, and we took first prize! whoo hooo! Funny thing about that parade. YOu see we haven't had rain for awhile and you guessed it...rain, AND hail AND thunder. Of ALL the times! Anyway, after the parade, we went downtown to attend the duck dive, watch the kids games and eat good BBQ hamburgers. Yummmm...nothing like eating outside, walking down the street with ketchup on your chin! I love it! There was a new event this year, Dodge Ball Tourney for the elderly AND the young. Frankly I'd forgotten what a lot of running there was in dodge ball. Turned into an all day affair. We finally got home around 4:30 - 5:00, just in time to greet someone at our door needing a space to store some kajillion-thing-a-ma-bobs from the celebration at our shop. So...there we went and unloaded things and reloaded things and blah blah blah. Got home, got ready for the street dance, and took off. Mark and I poured beer from 11 until 1 and then found out we had to clean up too...ugh. That done and a few dozen other things inbetween made it a long night. Beddy bye around 2:30 am I believe. Today was the road rally. Good LORD I laughed til I cried. Cindy, Katie and I were the only dorks in our car. We got the first clue, missed the second, found the third and from then was ALL DOWNHILL. We wandered and retraced and cussed and accidentally found pink flags and orange flags and spilled chips and pretzels and drinks and called Hamel for help and generally sucked at the road rally. Finally we got home, late and laughing, and didn't check in because we did NOT want to be laughed at.
Now...I'm SO tired I could ...just...nod off.f..fffffffff

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