May 19, 2005

Copied This Post From My Bike Blog

A wonderful day for a ride down south! yah The temp was perfecto. The scenery was beautiful...meadowlarks and hairy assed red beaks serenaded us while we rolled past field after field of wheat and pasture land. The green of the landscape was lush. A little year old doe ran parallel the highway for about a mile, leaped over a barbed wire fence and then crossed the road in front of us. Her white flag was waving surrender so we didn't try to chase her down. We had a few lovely hills to skate and went over a NICE bridge that said 2 ton limit, so we took turns crossing and we made it fine. Cindy and I both have stink bug pneumonia but my allergies seem to be zapped by a combo of Zyrtec, Singulair and kleenex shoved up my nose holes. I got a nice sunburn today. My feet like like a sepia toned zebra from my bike sandals and my hands each have a perfect red hole just above my wrist where my bike gloves don't cover. I've got 2 sunburns on my legs, one from just above the knee down and the other mid thigh down. Yes, Virginia, I am a freak. Well, other than being hungrier than a lumberjack, french fried, crusty eyed, windfarkingblown, and stiff in the neck, wrists, lower back, feet...I'm just fine. Tomorrow? WE RIDE!

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