May 01, 2005

Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong...Here's Your May Basket!

Kick Your Ass Dirty Martini
Vermouth, extra dry 1/4 shot
Vodka 1 shot
Carbonated Water/Club Soda Fill with
Olive Juice 3 tsp.
Olive 2 whole
Ice 3 cubes
Glass to use: Old Fashioned glass
Blue MoFo
Curacao, blue 1/2 oz.
Gin 1/2 oz.
Rum, light 1/2 oz.
Tequila, white 1/2 oz.
Vodka 1/2 oz.
7-up 1 splash
Sour Mix 1 splash
Glass to use: Collins glass
Mixing instructions:Pour liquors into a glass with ice. Add a splash of sour mix and a splash of 7-up. Give one or two shakes and serve.
Tropical Scream Juice
Vodka, raspberry (WKD Original Blue)
5 parts Lemonade
2 parts Orange Juice
3 parts (Pure, With Pulp)
Lime 1 slice
Ice 3 cubes
Glass to use: Cocktail glassMixing instructions:Start by putting pure orange juice with pulp in a tall glass. Pour lemonade over the top to create a small head then gently pour in the rasberry vodka. Garnish with umbrella, ice, lime and straw.

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shenry said...

Oh, yes. You need to swing by my blog on Wednesday. My buddy asked me to put out a request for super-strong margarita recipes. Baring any unforeseen bizarreness, I'll post his request Wednesday. Your expertise in the matter will be greatly appreciated.