May 26, 2005

Does a Bear? Will a Bear? Without Paper?

Some days the fact that you are slacking, lacking or devoid of parental skills smacks you plainly across the face. Today, my cheeks are burning..not to mention something else. Anyway, as I have been working on about 15 different projects, my housework has been on back burner. Housework is a general term for "everything that involves life within your abode"...such as groceries, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, windows, scrubbing floors, ironing, folding, putting away, providing nutritional meals, sparkling fridge's stuffed with deviled eggs, jello, crunchy apples and the square meal deal, and oh my God so many many many many more items too numerous to mention. I have to say, I've been lacking. But I didn't know how badly until tonight. Yes, tonight, after working on the float for about 14 hours straight I went inside and had to "utilize the facilities" so to speak. Our downstairs toidy had not a hint of "paper" so with pants unbuttoned and face in a grimace I sprinted upstairs only to notice the lack of paper up there as well. Needless to say, I improvised.
Later that same evening...I went upstairs to bathe as I was hot, sweaty and painty. As I glanced at the toidy I noticed a cardboard toilet roll in the bottom of the toilet. Good god Someone, ( a boy in this family) had OBVIOUSLY used this as toilet paper. SICK I called downstairs and said, Whoever wiped their butt on a cardboard toidy paper roll had BETTER COME UP HERE AND GET IT OUT OF THE POT!. No one showed up. Odd, can you believe it? I had visions of my sons sliding around the carpet like a dog with worms. Sick and double sick...and Alec called up to me..."Well,what did you want me to use?", and I had to think...well...yahhh...geeze...maybe something like...yahhhhh...okay...don't worry about it!

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shenry said...

Alec is very resourceful. He has shown intelligence, creativity, and problem-solving skills. His future is bright. In fact, I'm mentally filing this little trick away in case of future emergencies.