May 09, 2005

Gone To The Dawgs!

I've decided to come to terms with the dogs next door. I'm through wasting energy bitching about them. I renamed them Larry, Mo and Curly and while I'm planting a flower border between their stinky ass cage and my yard, I talk to them. Gently and sweetly I tell them to be quiet and shut their pie holes. I do not grimace and threaten them with the hoe or garden hose, no, I decided it's best to conserve my anger energy toward something else. I know that summer is coming on strong and school will be out WAY TOO SOON and I'm sure I'll need it for that! I'm planting a huge flower border and I'm excited to get that going. I KNOW I'll be pissed when weeds start popping up faster than the flowers but oh well. I planted two herb one with oregano, basil, lemon thyme, lemon balm, rosemary, chives, and a salsa one...with many different kinds of tomatoes, peppers, onions as well as sweet corn, okra, lettuces, spinach, radishes, carrots and out behind the little house I stuck in some watermelon. I always have freak gourds and pumpkins that grow from our compost pile. They are always perfect for Halloween decorating. Anyway, that's where I'm off to now...planting, weeding and general bullshitting to Larry, Mo and Curly.

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shenry said...

Wow. I like your new no-stress approach to the three stooges... very zen of you.