May 05, 2005

I'm Younger Than Jo Is I'm Younger Than Jo Is!

Had a great birthday thanks to all. Katie surprised me with a lovely purple Saint of Poverty candle she got at her Spanish class trip to Grand Islands "Little Mexico" and some awesome blooms from blooms! Sandy and Cindy Jo made the day festive with cake, gift certificates to Blooms and insults about aging that were passed out liberally. Biker Cindy gave me a water plant which I already sunk in my pond and am waiting for it to put out a Lilly pad, a floating pond light that I am going to charge up and plop in as soon as possible (the better to drink vino at midnight by), a curling mmmm...wonder what's up with that?? Methinks Cindy Sue is mocking my hair...all 4 of them! And a totally cool plant decoration that is colored glass to look like a bee flapping his wings by an iris bloom. Mom and Dad got me a humongoloid pink petunia plant and a wee white chair and...dear God I'm spoiled! GP gave me Cheech and Chongs classic epic tale...Smokin it up...and a pink blooming bundle of not a baby...a plant! Mark got me tomato cages...the large ones...wink wink wink...water filtration system...I know I romantic does it get around here....and S U R P R I S E...a very beautiful diamond chips necklace on a thin gold chain. I LOVE IT! Maybe I'll have to finally give him HIS BIRTHDAY PRESENT TONIGHT!

ps...Kurt, Biker Cindy sues "Other Half" is going to be wishing he didn't call a certain radio station and blab about dinosaurs and ancient birthday landmarks and the big butt fairy and the elderly old broad who runs Shirley K's and and and that kind of thing!
He is in BIG TROUBLE !
Kurt...paybacks are a bitch from a bitch! winkity winkity wink!

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