May 10, 2005

Just Another Day In The Life of An Itchy Scratchy Whining Bitchy Thirsty Girl

That's what I get for riding a bicycle with good old "Stink Bug". If you are wondering who "Stink Bug"'s Cindy. Yesterday as we were riding I suddenly heard this huge hawking, hacking, gulping and I lean over and Cindy has just swallowed a stink bug....whole! I mean that little varmit grabbed her know...her hangy down thingy in the back of her throat, and swung around like tarzan and then went down the chute!
god it was funny...until I ran into a swarm of gnats and inhaled them into my right upper lung lobe.
Where is the beer fairy when ya need her?
The tops of my feet are sunburned my body itches, my hair looks like ass, my house stinks, and my cows(calves) therefore I deserved a big old Mich. Alas, I've looked under my pillow, the underwear drawer, the couch cushions and the gutters...nothing.

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