May 08, 2005

Poetry For Mothers Day

Though obscured by panes of cotton sheets
Harnessed between the ancient elms
I knew that silhouette
Mother hanging laundry in March winds
Head bent to the task
Mouth pursed about wooden clips not Marlboro
I did not help but hid and stared instead
Smelling the clean bleached day
Watching the billows of our bedding engulf her
Snapping and cracking like a whip

by Sheryl McCurdy


Soon they will be home
and I haven't even made the brownies
or mixed up the Kool-aid
the milk is still puddled
on the placemats from morning
where has the day gone
wasn't I just awakening
or even just going to bed
how can time go so quickly
what mark have I made
and I'm tired...just plain tired
wanting an hour
just to nap or read
the flutter of activity will be full force
for about ten minutes then abandonment
the friends the TV the Nintendo
will invade the house
I will stir up brownies
mix up Kool-aid
vacuum the carpet
take some Motrin
set out plates and glasses
pin an understanding smile on my face
when the pre teen rolls her eyes
and the youngest begs for friends to stay
and the middle one storms around because he is exhausted
from staying up far too late
I will be a TV Mom for a few minutes
a perky Mrs. Brady
wise AND blonde
patient and forgiving
full of damn good advice
if I can
because I know it won't be long now
and they will be flying away from me
gone just like that

by Sheryl McCurdy
This poem was printed in SHEMOM...a chapbook published by Peggy French in the Fall-Winter issue #13 of 2001

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