May 07, 2005

Shake it to the Left! Shake it to the Right!

The gal who is making our costumes for Medicine Creek Days Parade had one of our Shirley K's Coffee Shop costumes ready so she brought it down to work yesterday.
I tried it on and...
Holy Spanky Pants!
Nuff said bought that.
Other news:
Our celebration last night(for mom and dads 48th Anniversary, Cindy's ma and pa's Anniversary, Cindy's boy, Jess's 16 birthday, my b-day, Slat ass and hubby's Anniversary and...a few others) was a success! There was a wide variety of people there, my crowd (fairly wild and definitely crude and eager for the drinks) and mom and dads crowd (pretending NOT to be wild and crude and eager for the drinks)...Anyway...
there were a few awkward moments. Like when Jo Jo Dancing girl showed up and was showered with her belated turning 40 years old gifts including but not limited to: a small, sticky, throw it against your wall so you can watch it crawling down your wall, hot pink cock & balls toy, and someone actually threw it against the wall, ceiling, large paned shop windows and yes, we all, including my parents guests, watched the talented little bugger crawl, flail, and jet toward the floor...another odd moment was when Mark and I carried Jo Jo's gift bag into the room with it's bright orange ballon proclaiming, HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY in large black letters.

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