May 12, 2005

She's A Maniac On The Floor!

Very often I wonder why I bother to post. Especially when I hear about some blogger who was 16 when they started an E-zine about sex education or religious theory and now they have a best seller on Amazon, or when I peruse some of the political blogs that run rampant or when I reread some of the crap on dash blog...and then I remember...I started this blog because I liked to write and I thought this sounded like a fun way to keep a journal of stories or perhaps a diary of sorts. yah...I didn't start dash blog for a money making project, or to persue my dream of becoming a "voice of America". Nope, I write it because I can.
Anyway, today I went to Cook town with Cindy and her mom and I got the rest of my herbs for my herb garden...lemon basil, wooly thyme, cilantro, lavendar and also some flowers for the shop barrels. I also bought Flashdance...remember that movie? I'm going to play the Flashdance soundtrack at the shop tomorrow. Can you see us now, dancing like we've never danced before...delivering your cappuccino with ropy hair dripping sweat and wearing leg warmers? hehehehehehehhehehe god....they don't make leg warmers big enough for my cows...and let me tell you...that's a good thing. yikes...I seem to remember having pink leg warmers when I was young....sad really...probably looked like 2 REA poles with sweaters...gag

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