May 23, 2005

So...other than that Jackie.. how was the parade?

Had a busy weekend and i'm beat.
There is not enough time in the day to get done what needs to be done.
The float, the housework, the biking, the planning for Andrew's DC trip, the parade, BRAN, the weeding, the gardening, the watering, the shop, the training of others to help when I'm gone, the ordering ahead so they won't have to when I'm gone, the planning of what I'll need on the BRAN ride, trying to spend quality time with the kids between this, chasing after Pissin' Petie as he sneaks out at every chance to find love...blah blah blah...

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shenry said...

Damn, you are busy. And I haven't mentioned it yet, but you are so cool doing the BRAN ride... rock on.