May 04, 2005

You're Gonna Be Jealous! Nyah nyah!

Today, I had many pleasures which I shall list in no particular order:
A visit to the school that is really too unpleasant to even mention, think OR write any more about.
An over flowing toilet...which in fact enabled me to mop my floor AND do extra laundry...joyyyy.
An allergy attack...granted I did go on a 2 3/4 mile sweet bike ride in order to cause it...this short ride was taken in order to find pissin' Petie as he chose to escape this afternoon...bastard.
A lovely visit with a salesman on the phone at the shop about 60 lbs of Monterey Jack cheese that the driver attempted to leave off at Shirley K's and the red road apples he calls tomatoes that we received instead of vine ripened ones we ordered.
Those are a few of the more obvious pleasures I experienced today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my life. Most of your posts are upbeat....glad to know you have shitty days too....
Sorry...but it makes ME feel better.