June 19, 2005

About Shit

I've been thinking about those damn carrot seeds that were sent to me instead of the Chipira family. Then I started thinking of the movie About Schmidt and the boy from Tanzania, Ndugu that Jack Nicholson is writing to. I wondered if I should write to the Chipira family. They have 7 children, malnourished and the pamphlet claims that they all went for 2 weeks without food. Why aren't they asking for birth control pills AND seeds. How about a little sex education too.
I went to WorldVision's web site and wandered around there a little bit, looking at their financials and etc. I have a hard time trusting an organization that large. You know, not everything you read on the internet is gasp true.

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shenry said...

Perhaps you could forward your newfound carrot seed to the Chipiras.