June 14, 2005


I just walked into the living room and instantly noticed a strong stench. I exclaimed, "What the hell is that stench?" to Pissin' Pete and much to my surprise, Mark, having just returned from a school board meeting and sitting on the couch in his PJ's explained, "I just took a crap." in a very nonchalant voice.
"Why on earth couldn't you have utilized the school facilities?", I wondered LOUD AND CLEAR, not for the first time or the second for that matter. I received no answer just a shrug and a grin.
Damn...and out of lysol spray.
Just as well it's after midnight and time for bed...must escape to the upstairs as soon as possible.
and double ugh
Bodily functions are disgusting yet...highly interesting in some cases...not necessarily in this one though...good night all...and pass the frickin' Glade Super Dooper Nature Scented Spray!

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shenry said...

Poo makes such a wonderful blog topic. Sounds like Mark has some powerful shit.