June 17, 2005


I sat straight up in bed this morning at 6:30 a.m. and shouted, "What day is it?" loudly. Mark slumbered on and scratched his nether regions as I realized, it just doesn't matter does it? I have to get up early EVERY DAY! Somehow I scrambled out of bed, washed my 5 hairs and assembled myself in my coffee shop attire. Today, aqua Bermuda shorts and an orange T-shirt and set out to make the donuts. I thought I looked fine...in fact, good enough to make a donut and a pot or two of coffee. However my daughter and another person who I like to call...Loose Wheel, made comments like, "Nice shorts" and raised 1 eyebrow whilst doing so. Cindy Sue herself made a grand appearance at the coffee shop and said something like," I like your nice corduroy shorts!" and "Where is your shiny belt?"...(I don't want to tell her that yes indeedy this pair of NON corduroy shorts did come fully equipped with a string of metal and jewel like beads that constitute a rather shiny belt) Therefore, I will now wear this outfit always and forever matched up together...without the belt. No I put my foot down on shiny belts! It's not exactly the shiny I object to...it's the cinching of the waist thing that always gets me down.
Yes! The new look for summer 2005? Aqua and Orange...together!

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shenry said...

Yes, defy stylistic conventions and using your aqua-orange machette blaze your own path through the forest of fashion. Dare to blaze trails where no one else has yet to blaze.