June 11, 2005

Bike Broads Return

One Word.
Rain...or...Wind...or...Lightning...you pick.
I'm bummed. The BRAN ride was difficult due to crappy weather.
The first day the wind was cool and a bit of a fierce head wind. I had an allergy attack and picked up a wheeze so bad I was branded right off the bat as sounding like a 68 year old 5 pack a day Camel smoking queen.
The second day, again windy and hail and 2 tornado sightings at the town we were to ride to.
The third day...brisk headwind about halfway done...damn damn damn
The fourth day...one word...PERFECT
The fifth day...coolish, windyish...and then a thunderstorm with pelting rain (like a cow pissing on a flat rock) with lightening bolts to the ground so bright you were blinded.
The fifth...today...steady hard downpour
Hearing the forecast for potential rain all day and in the a.m. Cindy and I decided to cash it in.
I'm sooo sad we didn't finish it.
I hate riding in rain and especially with lightening.
What a suckwad riding week.
We did meet some new fun people and we laughed a LOT!
I think I had more fun on the SAG stops than I did last year. We did a lot of visiting and giggling.
Road biking will never be the same because now Mark has decided he wants to give it a try!
What will I do for a tent boy now?
Any takers?


Rupp said...

Sorry to hear you didn't finish the ride this year, but was glad I was able to meet you briefly (right before you took off the first day).

Sheryl said...

How did the ride go for you? Didn't see you after that first day. Cindy and I had a lot of fun but disliked the rain, thunder. I loved the sandhills...it's soo pretty around Gering. How was the last day? Rain? Wind? Just wondering.