June 26, 2005

Blind Eye For The Pheasant Guy

I leaned something from Psycho Cindy Jo on Friday. She was going to go to a "pheasant blinding party".
chuh...Sounds like a FUN TIME TO ME!
I asked, my mouth dropped, eyes wide open, You are going to actually blind pheasants while in the back of my mind I saw her dressed in a samurai warrior outfit, grabbing a pheasant and taking a plastic sword...you know, the kind that poofy drinks have in them with fruit speared on, and piercing the innocent pheasants eyes out.
She said, No, not blind them dumbass, put blinders on them.
Ohhhhhh yahhhhhhh that makes sense to me, I replied while silently dialing 911 muttering to myself, get the white coats ready and the padded room unlocked.
She then went on to explain that the person who raises the pheasants has to put blinders on them so they don't kill each other. I tried to imagine the tiny little leather harness that you slipped over the pheasants head, like a horse with blinders don't ya know and was befuddled.
She then explained that the blinders were placed on by piercing, see see I knew there was piercing involved somewhere, through the soft spot in the pheasants beak.
God! To think of it!
Of course I begged her to let me go...maybe next year!
Have a look at the pictures her hubby, Saint Keith sent me. Notice, if you will, that Psycho Cindy is NOT IN THESE PICTURES.

Just Kidding on the last one.....hahahhahahhaha

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arrazello said...

Sounds as much fun as the annual snail racing championships held just down the road from here.