June 02, 2005

Come Rain Come Shine Gonna Whine

I'm thinking the BRAN ride is going to be a cool wet affair. The thought of camping let alone biking in rain and wind is bumming me out.
Seven days.
Yikes...that seems so much time to be gone. The shop is in good hands. I've got good gals in there...but away from the kids that long...SUCKS. My mom and dad might agree...they will be "attending the chilluns" AND pissin' Pete. I feel bad about that last part. My original plan was to see if the vet would room, board and neuter Pete while we we gone. So far I haven't got that arranged.
Seems like a nice morning. The birds are singing like they are in a Cinderella movie, there is a nice breeze, but you can feel the muggy coming on.
I'm going to go into work, open up, train a few coffee queens to open and then come home and wash: clothes, bathrooms, floors and whatever else wanders into my path.
My life is one big partay isn't it?

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