June 28, 2005

Could Be Worse...I guess

Today a delivery man came up to me, sniffed hard and said, You smell like bread. I for once said nothing because it shocked me but I thought silently to myself, Could it be I smell like bread because I have BEEN UP SINCE 5 FUCKING A.M. STICKING CINNAMON ROLLS IN THE OVEN!?!? Hmmmmm??? Then I thought, Why don'tcha just call me grandma while you are at it.
At least the scenario wasn't him poking me in the belly and me giggling like the Pilsbury dough boy I appear to be morphing into.


arrazello said...

Now come on, you're right, it could have been worse! Bread has got to be better than B.O! And cinnamon rolls... yum.

shenry said...

sounds like a misguided pickup line.