June 16, 2005

Cruella on Crack!

Recently I met a cartoon character. In real life. Not your average Disney cartoon but one with a bit of a twist. Imagine Cruella Deville...on crack. I swear it was her. She was thin, not just anorexic thin but starvation death knock knock knocking on the door thin, cheek bone sharp as a Ginsu Knife thin, sweater wearing but still shivering in mid July at noon thin, eyes poppin' outta the head like a baby bird lookin' for his first worm thin. I mean T H I N. Not only that but she was twitchy. Her eye kept opening and shutting and squinting. She kept wriggling her mouth as well. Maybe her face was sooo tired it fell asleep and it was dreaming of eating food. I didn't see this person on the street with a sign that said "Homeless...will work for food" either. I tried to avert my gaze whenever possible but I was simply drawn to the spectacle of her grimaces. The nurse in me diagnosed tardive dyskinesia but she doesn't seem the type to be on strong psych meds. Maybe it's...tourettes like. No barking or cursing noted though. I hope I see her again soon.

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