June 21, 2005

Rat Bas-TURD aka Pissin' Petie

Just got back from Andrew and Alec's ball game to find Pissin' Petie AWOL AGAIN!
2 days ago he escaped and was found up at a "friends" house. The friend is a Jack Russell female...although...she is fixed. Maybe she puts out anyway. When we brought him home that time he got all depressed and tried to open the gate all day. We spoil him, we feed him we love him we play with him and THIS is how he repays us.
We found him tonight just coming back from the school track. Probably working out to impress the bitches. Well, let me tell you something. I've got a plan for Petie that will NOT impress the bitches. It involved a scalpel and some ligature. I'm calling the vet tomorrow.
After we found him tonight I threw his ass into the tub and scrubbed him up and sent his sorry ass to the kennel.
Enough about the soon to be eunuch.
Alec's team lost by 1 but Alec played well and hit some nice pop flys. He's the catcher and does a nice job there too. Andrew was an animal and hit 2 line drive to the fence home runs tonight! They ended up losing by about 7 unfortunately. Kinda like Lincoln in the College World Series. Katie kicked ass in her volleyball games and they won!
Well, enough bragging about my awesome wonderful kids! Now I gotta wash the uniforms...another game tomorrow...weeeeeee who's havin' fun now!

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shenry said...

"Probably working out to impress the bitches."

Man, I found that hilarious... it's the context.