June 24, 2005

Was That A Helicoptor...or a Mosquito?

A Mosquito!
No kidding. We grow 'em big here in Cambridge. Just got back from the boys games...about 11:15 and am covered with skeeter bites of all sizes. Those blood suckers drll through clothes and maybe even car windows. I've NEVER been so miserable in my life...no that I can remember anyway. The boys both had losses and didn't feel they played their best. Frankly, I was too busy swatting bugs and scratching my oozing welts to notice.
You know how when you donate blood at the bloodmoble and you donate a certain amount and get a pin? Well, I donated tonight by gosh and I feel certain I deserve a pin of some sort to commerate this event.
Now, I'm tired and must retire...it'll soon be time to make the damn donuts...

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