July 15, 2005

Amazing but Twue

I rode my bike 5 WHOPPING miles(in and around this dinkytown) at dusk tonight and the sunset was beautiful...all pinks, reds and oranges.
I got another mosquito in my eye...basTURD!
I didn't see another deer.
I read that Armstrong ran around 75 miles an hour coming down a mountain on his bike...holy shit...I once put the skids on when I was going around 37 mph down a hill last year on BRAN...because it was a wittle scary. Am I cool or what?
This year I met Jose' Mesa a Prof at University of Lincoln who teaches...what else...foreign lanquages...who was a professional bike racer in ...? Spain? Anyway...he runs around 35 mph just regular flat. I really am cool am I not? Fast AND cool as I glide down a hill going 15 mph as gracefull as a pig on ice I'd say.

Lately, tonight in fact, I was just making a bird in distress whistle to torture my cat Pickles. I was tucking Alec in (his tall tall bunk bed), he asked me to whistle, I did. Pickles looked like a leaping gnome as she attempted to fly up to the top of the bed and kill the helpless bird....haahhahahaah...stooge.
Tomorrow, the State Swim Meet. All 3 kids are in it. From start to finish.
All day.
In the hot hot sun.
Who has more fun than me?!

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