July 05, 2005

Cindy Sue Serves Rated R Cake!!

Just how pathetic is it when...your arm hurts from flinging Black Cats...The firecracker kind...into the air?
Cindy told me she often experiences July 4 arm pain and now...today...after a night of fire flinging revelry...I have it too. We spent our fourth out at Cindy Sues diner...her kitchen! We had hamburgers, hotdogs, beans, salad, better than sex cake, brownies, moscow mules,chips...You name it...We had it. Alec asked for cake, got some, stated he didn't like it, then asked Cindy what kind it was. She said, Better than sex cake...Can you remember that?. Alec tried to hide his giggle managed a stern frown and than asked, straight faced mind you...Do you think that's appropriate for children? Cindy and I looked at each other, clinked our copper mugs and stated Hell No...keep your arms by your side, exit the building and give us the fork!

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