July 20, 2005

Don't Read This...it's B O R I N G

I've been feeling bored and restless lately. I don't want to do housework I don't want to cook I don't want to watch TV I don't want to do anything. I especially don't want to get up at 5 anymore. I think it may be the heat.Today, a storm began to blow up around late afternoon. The heat was something else at 106 degrees at one thermometer! As soon as I saw the dark clouds I began to want to work outside. I'ts something weird with me. I like to work outside in the rain. That's when I like to do my planting, weeding, cutting, strolling about and just looking. Sadly, it rained only spittingly and the sidewalks almost sizzled as the drops of rain fell down.I am missing the coolness of Fall. I feel dain bramaged and boring. The only strange things I even want to talk about today are that I broke my bike mirror...it fell over as I was carrying 1 case of spicy bean burritos and 1 case of some other kind of burritos and on top of that in a dish pan tub were about 3 or 4 bottles of Lipton tea. What a surprise that I broke something besides my own leg. I've been keeping the bike inside the house because...I feel like it's alive and needs it's own room. Anyway...my second mirror...history. The burritos...not even scratched. Today, I also pierced my hand with a very sharp knife while trying to open a box of some kind of something. No blood...so...how bad could it be... my skin is thicker than I realized.This post is pathetic really as I know nothing...at least nothing I want to blog about anyway.

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