July 10, 2005

Have You Ever Laughed So Hard You Blacked Out?

Cindy and I laughed to much I think that was more of a workout than our bike ride...and that's saying alot! In fact I almost blew out a brain vessel and blacked out on the way home. My face hurts. I think my jaws are swollen...no...they are NOT JOWELS JUSTIN!!
We are back from our bike adventure. We rode in a head wind AGAIN, in the heat of the day, and weirdly I had bike troubles...blew a sidewall, had a flat...double your fun I guess.
I suffered brain damage as well...not from the bike ride...from the RIDE HOME LISTENING TO CINDY'S POOR POOR DEMENTED 13 YEAR OLD SON!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP! There may be a problem there...can you say THERAPY! Justin...if you are reading this...please wipe the glazed look from your eye, stopping making cricket noises and talking about a mudpuddle stompin' lawn mower ridin' superior! !
m u s t g e t s l e e p

soft music to go night night with...and please bear with me as I get all sentimental and such... Mark sang this for me when we were dating...made a tape actually...(oddly in his bathroom...better acoustics I guess) with him playing and singing this Replacements Song...and he didn't suck at all! Everybody go...awwwwwwwwww

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