July 30, 2005

How Do I Get It Back?

I've been wanting to write more poetry but it seems like once we opened the coffee shop my creative energies began to be sucked dry by that place. I remember writing like wildfire when I was doing home health nursing and spending a lot of drive time in my car. I'd write with one hand on the wheel and the other on a pen and whatever I could find to scribble on...checkbooks, my hands, medical records, tampax wrappers, blood pressure monitors, old pepsi bottles, nu guaze, enema boxes...anything handy. Stuff spilled out of my head and wrote itself. Granted most of it was plain drivel but still...it was fun and I want to do it again.

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shenry said...

I feel you. For me, such creative endeavors are a balance of time and energy. When I'm not over extended I find the poetry flows freely. But lately work's been a bitch and summer has been full of outdoorsy fun.