July 06, 2005

Jumbled Up Jargon aka Just Rambling Tonight

I love LUSH maybe even more than AMAZON. I don't know...it's a toss up between books and bath fizzies...sigh...heaven, both together.
I'm reading BITCH POSSE right now...and it's...well, it's just okay. I bought it without reading anything about it...just pre-ordered it because of the name. I'm reading that and still HARD EIGHT by Janet Evonovitch and I started Bleachy Haired Honkey Bitch...you know....that one I was talking about earlier. I have one book in the downstairs bathroom and one in the upstairs bathroom and one in the living room. You know, when I sit down...I like to read a sentence or two. Pathetic really, how long it takes me to read one book now days...I don't sit down and just read for any length of time anymore. A page here a page there. Often I mix up the several books I'm reading...oh well.
I got my flat tire fixed tonight by Potsie. I feel like I have my legs back!!
I finished painting my porch tonight and I'm planning a hair cut and maybe a highlight lowlight festival for tomorrow...please please please please let me get out of work early.
We ride on Saturday morning at 6:30 am...100 miles...gulp...I hope it's a loveerly day...but I'm not counting on it. Mayhaps we should just go to the mall and shop. hmmmmmmmmm....thought
AND...for a finale...learn to dance with Napolean Dynamite!

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shenry said...

I'm lost without a magazine or book in the bathroom.