July 14, 2005

Oh Deer!

I took the bike out for a spin tonight. I just wanted to sweat a little. I did. I also got a rather large mosquito in my right eye, blinding me for a good 1/2 of the ride. Stupidly I pushed hard against my eyelid when he flew in and probably mashed him to smithereens inside my eye. I wonder if you can get West Nile in that manner. Anyway...have you ever had a mosquito bite on your cornea? It's an optical illusion that might be worth the risk. I highly suggest it if you are bored and out of beer.
Right as I got on the walking trail, after smashing the skeeter, what do you think I saw(optically enhanced) heading straight for me? And this was no hallucination. A deer. Probably a yearling doe heading straight for me, along the trail. After she noticed me, (chuhhh I mean how could you not notice a big big girl with a short short hair do on a little bike smashing a skeeter inside her eye while wearing head phones and therefore forgetting that others could hear you talking out loud and so was littering the air with sailor style cussing) the doe took off down a narrow path toward the creek.
Hooray~! That's my news for the day. Top that one if you dare!

1 comment:

shenry said...

I can not top that one... not even on a good day.

Bartender, I need another shot of tequila or a mosquito in my cornea, either will do.