July 28, 2005

Pissin Petie Is ALIVE

SHIT...I keep trying to upload a song to play and I KNOW it's too big but I thought maybe I could just sneak it by anyway and I CAN'T!! I just wanted to share my boogie people.
In other news...Pissin' Petie was sick yesterday...and actually at my mom and dads...while we were gone...! I thought maybe I'd wake up to a puddle of dead Petie this morning. Nope...when I checked him at 4:30 he was okay...but looked guant. Shaking my head I opened a can of...Pickles the bitch cats...wet cat food...he proceeded to eat like he was setting down to prime rib and growled like a mofo when Pickles got her panties ina wad and got too close. I think that little shit ass was faking it! I guess he vomitted at mom and dads and he did yesterday too. I'm starting to see a trend though. We go on vacation without him...he gets sick....we go for a long weekend without him...he pisses on all the furniture...we go around the block without him...he shits on the bath mat...hmmmmmmmm....I wonder if he is THAT smart?!

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