July 02, 2005

Prune Assed

Well, I just got done with a bath. I'm reading Hard Eight by Janet Evonovich so my ass is pruney. I kept the door unlocked because I thought Mark might bring me up a Moscow Mule or a plate of nachos or something...but he didn't. He's watching "Troy". You know...The Battle of Troy...over Helen...the beauty queen. Actually, and I didn't watch the movie...this is Mark's Cliff Notes...Helen was to be in an arranged marriage and left for her younger lover...thus leading to a war. What a slut! I mean, really if that war was because Helen could suck a golf ball through a garden hose...those guys were wayyyy stupid. I mean any woman could do that...if they wanted to. Those are the key words...wanted to. Men are ruled by their cocks. Too bad really. And what about Helen, not wanting an arranged marriage. What's the difference really? Except for the fact that you wouldn't know everything about your man until after you'd been married awhile. Hell, she probably wouldn't have discovered the snoring, public ball scratching, toliet seat leaving up, deep nose mining, pubic hair leaving on the bathroom floor man quirks until after she's been a married woman awhile...unlike those who have NON arranged marriages and often discover these sad facts prior to the happy day. but say, oh well, perhaps he'll "change" for the better after a bit of TLC...hahaahahhahahahha~!

I ramble...and I forget what I wanted to tell you.
totally gone...
ahhh welll
maybe tomorrow I'll rememeber

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