July 22, 2005

Ripe When I'm Gone...

We are going to go on vacation for a few days. Probably not to Colorado where I LOVE to go and laze around in a cabin, play in the river and smell the smells of the mountains
I think it may be something starting with an 8 hour car ride with 2 teenagers and 1 preteen and ending with rollercoasters and, in my case, violent dizziness, nausea and intermittant vomitting and according to the weather reports - potential severe heatstroke,.
Mark this one down for a happy happy joy trip.
I think it might be funner to go 20 feet north and vacation in our rental house. OR it might be funner to stay home and watch my big beefmaster tomato the size of my ass ripen (which it will...in about 2 days...when we are gone!)
Mom and Dad will be watch Pissin' Pete...and Pickles the Queen. They will deserve an awesome treat for that! I hope they like beefmaster tomatoes!

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