July 03, 2005

Simple Effective Treatment

All child molesters should be killed.
Why spend money trying to rehabilitate them. It is a MASSIVE WASTE OF MOOLA!
You cannot reab a child molester. They are freaks of nature in the worst way.
There is no real need for people like that to inhabit the earth.
Their purpose in life should be their own death.
Police state when a child goes missing they instantly start looking at the registered molesters in the area.
Because it is almost always THEM!
I used to believe that they should be: a) killed OR b) castrated but now I don't think de-balling should be an option at all. It's just an easy way out for those sick fucks and that's not fair.
So...I will always and forever say...and you can't change my mind on this issue...Kill Child Molesters! ASAP


Anonymous said...

and than includes those that hide behind the uniforms they may wear. Be it with a badge or collar.

Sheryl said...

The only uniform those fuckers should have on is one with a flashing neon sign that says Kill Me!

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