July 23, 2005

Who's Got An Extra Doo Rag? Anyone? Anyone?

Well, it's off to another day of donut hawker.
Wish me luck...luck that I make it to work with hair on my head. Why you ask? Because it looks like it's getting shorter every time I look in the mirror!! WTF is that all about? Could it be falling out now? Whyyyyyy must I look like a Rogaine candidate? I think I may take to wearing a doo rag...in public even...hell even by myself!
And don't tell me it's easy to "do" my hair now because really people...it takes me lots of minutes to get this look...SEVERAL in fact. Minutes I could be using to powerwash my deck, strip and restain my 17 creaking stairs, scrub the stools, watch my beefmaster ripen, or stare at traffic with a half smile and drool dripping down my chin! Hell, I could "do" my hair with a washcloth now!

1 comment:

Eat More Beef said...

I like to watch em ripen to but, WHERE'S THE BEEF