August 10, 2005

Bonnie & Clyde

Watching TV tonight it's hard not to miss the "hot" news story of the moment. Fugitives, George and Jennifer Hyatte were apprehended after a "Bonnie & Clyde" style prison escape that ended in Columbus Ohio. While watching the news story and hearing the reference to that famous couple I was jarred by a memory.
I had two turkey's as pets ( I know I know...Turkey's? yes...Turkey's) and their names were, oddly, Bonnie & Clyde. I kept them at my Grandpa and Grandma Paisley's house. They ran all over that place and would gobble back at you like they knew what they were talking about. Sometimes I would find one of their long, white feathers, hide behind a tree, shake the feather, make a gobble noise and laugh until I cried as I watched those sweet little dorks run to find the new turkey in town. They were surprised everytime when they discovered it was me. Yes, I realize I led a sheltered life. Can you see why I am the way I am?? Anyway, one day, for no apparent reason, Bonnie died. I swear it wasn't because she ran into a tree! Clyde was heartbroken and he ran all over the farm looking for his mate, his bright red wattle swaying in the breeze like a flag. In fact, I couldn't do the hide behind the tree thing anymore because I just knew he would feel real bad running to the tree expecting his love and finding only me holding a feather. Poor Clyde...he didn't last long. Maybe a couple of weeks, and then he too, took that final dirt nap, dying of a broken heart, I'm sure.


shenry said...

"Dirt nap"? Nice.

In general, I find birds unengaging. But this is a damn fine story. I think this is the most emotional moment I've ever had with regards to any bird, be it blue jay, crow, humming bird, or turkey.

(And you give me crap for owning ferrets?)

tj said...

yeah, i heard that comparison too. seems a little weak to me. didn't bonnie and clyde go on a spree of shootings and robberies? not just one prison break?

Sheryl said...

The media needs everything it can pull out of it's ass to make a "good" story.