August 02, 2005

Cool Shade and Locusts

Cindy and I got some Hard Mikes Lime and drove up to the lake after we got done working this afternoon. She wanted to show me her family's old "lakeside" trailer and how the new owners have fixed the deck and added a "T" dock. As we traversed down the narrow lane, giggling and listening to the "Dukes of Hazards" CD I remembered how I practically grew up on the lake as a child. My folks went often to visit my Aunt and Uncle or to fish and we always had a boat. I waterskied when I was 7 or 8 and now, looking at some kids paddling around in the calm waters I began to think how my own kids have missed out. It kind of made me feel both sad and nostalgic.
I felt hypnotized by the buzzing of the locusts as we backed out of the narrow lane on our way home. The two Hard Mikes didn't help any.
I suddenly felt the years that had passed by. Kind of like the change of temperature when you walk beneath a cool canopy of elm trees after walking miles along a hot dusty sidewalk. Time passes so quickly and we waste so very very much of it on stupid, pointless energy sapping activiites. Things like anger and jealousy. Activities that are hurtful to one another. There is no point to it really. Life is sooo short we must enjoy what we have when we have it.
Anyway, I'm rambling, probably because of the Hard Limes...but so what.

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shenry said...

Ramble on.
Now's the time the time is now
to sing my song
I'm going 'round the world
I gotta find my girl
Doot, doot, doot, my baby...

Ah, just a song that came to mind.