August 02, 2005

Jesse's Girl

I've been listening to this song because I CAN. Did you know that I was once known as Jesse's Girl?!
It's twue.
My best friend from 4th grade until college had the last name of Jesse. His first? Mike. We had a lot of Mikes in our class so he was best known simply as Jesse. We hang out together, plotting our futures as freaks and nerd dorks, as we walked to school, late, every morning. There were about 3 of us that hung out that could have been classified as future computer dorkwads...would we have had computers available that is. Our school didin't have computer classes until I was a junior and then it was "scary" and no one really learned a damn thing. Anyway, I digress, around junior high or so Rick Springfield started whining about Jesse's girl and other loving junior high kids, awwww aint they suweet, began the teasing. Luckily, we didn't give a rats ass and continued our plots to become our schools number one geeks! late...gotta make the donuts

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